Bike Jamboree

We have already entered the wilder and uninhabited areas.

🇺🇲 💯 years for Dorka Dorota Mlynarczyk 🎂🍰🎶🌷🌈🎈🎉 We wish you a million kilometers on a bike #kross 🚲🚲🚲, strength in legs 💪, wind in the back🍃, fantastic people around 🕵👵👩👨👮👦👧, dreams come true 🌼🌈And that you stay with us a little longer 😁 #stage15 😎 According to the promise, we have already entered the wilder and uninhabited areas 🏞🌻🏔👍 We filled the #crossobags with the supply of food … and … now it’s even harder to drive up hill 😁😜💪 We still meet wonderful people on the road, but temporarily there are now villages 😱 Every few hundred kilometers on the horizon appears some “kafe”, which invariably exults our stomachs serving Siberian delicacies for the people of the road 😁🚛🚚🚙🚲😁 We derive the best of of the beauties of nature, which are sooooooooooooo big. 🏞😍🏔🚲👌We’re making camps with #marabuttents and #primusequipment and we’re almosts used to mosquitoes 😉🐜
PS We havn’t seen bear yet, although everyone who stops by our side says that he just saw him … 🐾🐻🐾 But we did met reindeer!

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