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It’s Yellowstone babe

It’s Yellowstone babe🤩 The long-awaited oldest National Park in the world finally came to our eyes! 👀 Undoubtedly, this is an amazing and unique place on earth, but to our surprise the Yogi bear was not there … 😕 Aleee, the diversity of natural phenomena 🌋🗻🌊🔥and the animals that live there🐺🐃🦊🐐🐻 give a unique atmosphere that makes you just want to say “wooooow!” 🙈🙉🙊 The beginning of the season is the time when there is still a lot of snow there❄️⛄ but we still have a lot to see! 😍
👉 Old Faithful – a regularly exploding geyser 😲
👉 Grand Prismatic Spring – a geyser and thermal spring shimmering with different colors 🌈
👉 Fountain Paint Pot – geothermal formations, hot pools, geysers, prismatic sources and steaming fumaroles with a hissing sound 🌋
👉 Grand Canyon of Yellowstone 🏞️
👉 Mammoth Hot Springs – a cluster of exceptionally beautiful hot springs caused by rock elevation due to earthquakes and calcium carbonate leaching by thermal water heated to a temperature of over 80C 😱🌡️🔥
These are just the most important “attractions”. The animals that live there are also very impressive and can easily be seen. More than once we ran away from a herd of bison who carelessly walked the road regardless of the passing cars, which apparently did not do anything – but we did not know how they would react to our bikes, so it was better to leave them sometimes we were an attraction for tourists and we felt like these bison – on KROSS bikes with Crosso saddlebags we were often the heroes of photos of people who passed us😁📸The Elk’s Herd (Canadian deer) constantly aroused our admiration a, and bears were not happily Everywhere geysers and hot soil, unfortunately all around cold 🥶 but thanks to tarpowi from LESOVIK, we could relax even when it was snow😍 In addition, we could not dream of the end of this adventure – half a day spent in Boiling River or in hot springs😍🛀 Park is huge and you can explore a few days without boredom that’s why we left the place with a tear in our eyes . And although we are slowly finishing, it is not the end! Another stop ➡️ Montana😎

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