The "JednoŚladami Andersa" project is organized by a number of individuals highly valued both in the travelling and scout&guide circles. The core members of the team comprise the following individuals:

Zbigniew Popowski - zdjęcie

Zbigniew Popowski

He’s been an active scout member for over 25 years. Throughout this time he’s been a leader and a troops commander in Augustów as well as a member of the Chief Council of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association, a member of the Polish contingent commands for the 18th World Scout Jamboree in the Netherlands and the 21st World Scout Jamboree in the UK, a Polish Scouting and Guiding Association treasurer as well as a member of the Headquarters of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (2007-2009) and a member of the Council of the Głodówka Polish Scouting and Guiding Foundation (2008-2016).

Since 2006 he’s been leading the World Jamboree Foundation that deals with international youth projects. He’s an economist and a banker by profession, specializing in financing foreign trade; an expert of the International Relations Centre as well as a member of the Expert Council of a Polish ThinkTank. For almost 7 years now he’s been in charge of a company offering comprehensive consulting in financing and foreign trade. He’s happily married with 2 kids. When he does have some free time he plays the guitar and harmonica, goes hiking in the mountains or participates in bike expeditions and goes water skiing.

Zbigniew Sas - zdjęcie

Zbigniew Sas

In recent years he’s been working as a bike expedition guide. He’s been engaged in extensive travelling projects. He’s coorganized the Afryka Nowaka project, Bike Jamboree 2015, Bike Jamboree 2017-2019. Those expeditions brought about adventure, new friendships and surprising experiences. He’s fascinated by Africa and post-Soviet countries. Keen on microadventures, i.e. weekend breaks close to home. He’s won prestigious travelling awards, among others a distinction at the Kolosy award ceremony for his bike expedition in Madagascar, Travellers awards for „Travel of the Year” for a pioneer expedition along the Antanambalana river also in Madagascar. He’s a professional fisherman and an entrepreneur. In the "JednoŚladami Andersa" project he is responsible for coordinating the whole project as well as the route, equipement and logistics.

Anna Śledzińska - zdjęcie

Anna Śledzińska

She is a guide leader in the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association, recently in charge of a scout and guide sailing club in Elbląg. She’s been a board member of the World Jamboree Foundation since 2016. Currently she’s coordinating the third bike relay. She doesn’t look down on any means of transport but a bike remains her personal favourite alongside steering a boat rudder. In the "Jednośladami Andersa" project she is responsible for coordinating the whole project and organizing the work, sourcing partners and management.

Arek Kościelski - zdjęcie

Arek Kościelski

He’s an IT specialist keen on photography and hiking short and long distances. Still in love with his wife Beata, a father to Halszka and Szymon. He’s an active scout. Arek enjoys reading historical books; in the past he was a fan of Tomek Wilmowski. In the "Jednośladami Andersa" project he’s responsible for archiving photographic material and films.

Beata Kościelska - zdjęcie

Beata Kościelska

A biologist, microbiologist and epidemiologist by profession and passion. In her professional reality she tries to find herself between the complexity of legal regulations and official guidelines. She’s married to Arek; a mom to Halszka and Szymon, her favourite people to spend time with. She dedicates her time to the local community as well as to Trzcianka scout and guide troops as a member of an Ogień leaders group. Beata took part in the 17th stage of Bike Jamboree from Homer to Fairbanks in Alaska. In the "JednoŚladami Andersa" project she’s responsible for the virtual office.

Dariusz "Mors" Zajączkowski - zdjęcie

Dariusz "Mors" Zajączkowski

He’s a trader and a lab technician in a company dealing with production of measuring instruments. He’s been a scout leader for over 35 years. Throughout these years he’s been a troop leader, in charge of troops in Zielona Góra, a treasurer in the regional Scouting unit of the Lubuskie Province as well as a member of the Chief Council of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association. For many years now he’s been an instructor of leader groups. He’s a reserve officer of the Polish Army. Dariusz likes to spend his free time hiking in the mountains, cycling (mainly MTB but also with bicycle panniers for some time now). He’s a skiing and indoor cycling instructor. He’s passionate about watching nature and camping outdoors. He took part in the 27th B stage of Bike Jamboree from Fargo, the US to Thunder Bay, Canada. He’s a member of the Council of World Jamboree Foundation. In the "Jednośladami Andersa" project he’s responsible for coordinating cooperation between scout and guide organizations. He’s the leader of the 7th stage from Amman in Jordan to Port Said in Egypt.

Dorota Limontas - zdjęcie

Dorota Limontas

She’s a devoted preschool teacher where she implements all her crazy ideas and often has more fun than the kids. She’s been a guide since she was a child and she’s gone a long way from a group leader to a troops commander and recently a regional troops deputy commander. Guiding means challenges that she experiences in every part of her life. She can’t stay still so she’s passionate about travelling far away but appreciates microtravels that allow her to get to know her region, i.e. Warmia. In her free time Dorota goes running to prepare for a marathon; she goes cycling to discover new interesting places, and she goes ice swimming to toughen her body. She feels best in close contact with nature; she’s a sunset collector, a walker in the forest. She can’t imagine summer holidays without a camp or evenings with no bonfire and guitar play, nor weekends with no camping or sailing. She calms her mind through meditation and yoga. She keeps her spirits high by listening to disco polo. She’s involved in many social initiatives as a member of the NGO Council in Olsztyn as well as charity work as she’s been supporting WOŚP and Szlachetna Paczka for many years now. She also donates blood. Whenever she can she goes south to the mountains she’s very keen on. Dorota took part in the 34th stage of World Bike Jamboree which covered the route from Barcelona to Geneva. In the "Jednośladami Andersa" project Dorota is responsible for the programme.

Magdalena Suchan - zdjęcie

Magdalena Suchan

She’s a restless individual. Magda has been a leader of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association for over 20 years. She’s a member of the Regional Troops Council in Łódź as well as the president of the Troops Revision Committee. She’s also in charge of the scout&guide regional programme #lodzkadbaozdrowie. She believes and practises EKO and FIT. Magda loves cooking, healthy food and is very active in sports. She’s keen on dancing, sea sailing, diving, climbing, hiking in high and very high mountains. She’s taken up calisthenics and teaches others too. Sometimes she does yoga and goes rollerblading or running, also OCR. She loves travelling. When she has free time she engages both in local and national community projects.

Apart from the above Magda also…works as a coordinator of international and digital projects; she trains other people how to use computers and new media and deals with promotional projects and the media.

Where is the bike in all of this? She’s been riding it for 12 years, every day, the whole year, no matter what the weather’s like.

Magda took part in the 34th BJ stage from Barcelona to Geneva through the Pyrenees and the Alps.

In the "Jednośladami Andersa" project she’s responsible for promotion and information, i.e. communication with the media, film production, graphic support for other areas, social media and the website.

Monika Szenfer - zdjęcie

Monika Szenfer

Every day she uses her strength, ambitions and knowledge working with renewable energy sources. She sleeps best when she travels or when she intends to do so. She belives in the power of challenges and overcoming one’s obstacles. She’s an organizer and initiator. Sometimes she engages in creating rhymes too. She’s a fan of mountain hiking and sitting by the fire and outdoor trips far away from civilisation. Monika is a no-matter-the-weather bike freak.

She believes in Mark Twain’s quote: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So thrown off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover"

In Bike Jamboree Around the World 2017-2019 she was the leader of the prolonged 15th stage to the world’s end, responsible for casting the relay stick into the sea. She took part in the 26th stage through breathtaking national parks in the US

In the project she’s responsible for inspiring, joyful and unlimited human resources <3.

Marcin Dałkiewicz - zdjęcie

Marcin Dałkiewicz

Na co dzień związany z branżą jubilerską, w projekcie odpowiedzialny za trasę, sprzęt i magazyn Bike Jamboree. Sporo wyjeżdża w różne zakątki świata na różnych kontynentach. Zdecydowanie woli ciepło od zimna i rower od samochodu. Ciężko mu usiedzieć dłużej w jednym miejscu. Lubi poznawać niepoznane i odkrywać nieodkryte. Zanim coś wyrzuci sprawdza czy nie da się tego naprawić. Zdecydowany przeciwnik ludzkiej bezmyślności.

Monika Pawelec - zdjęcie

Monika Pawelec

Na co dzień spełnia się jako chemik kontrolujący jakość leków, jednak poczucie wolności daje jej poznawanie świata –szczególnie z perspektywy siodełka rowerowego. Jest uzależniona - nie wyobraża sobie dnia bez muzyki, tygodnia bez dobrej książki, miesiąca bez chodzenia po górach oraz życia bez roweru, tańca i podróży. Poszukiwaczka dobrego smaku, również we własnej kuchni. Sopran warszawskiej grupy wokalnej. Nigdy się nie nudzi. Kocha zwierzęta. Uczestniczka 26. etapu Bike Jamboreeprzez USA.Amatorka czerpania z życia pełnymi garściami oraz ambitnych, ciekawych i wartościowych projektów podróżniczych co przywiodło ją na szlak JednoŚladów Andersa.

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